UNISON Welfare

This is a unique confidential service offering advice and support just for UNISON members and their families:

· Debt advice

· Listening and support

· Financial assistance

· Breaks and holidays

· Personal advice

There is also a free and confidential debt advice referral scheme.

Trustees are responsible for directing the charity in line with its mission and ensuring the organisation is managed effectively. They are drawn from those full members who are either actively involved in UNISON as a branch welfare officer and/or as a member of a Regional Welfare Committee. They have helped a number of UCL Branch members with a range of problems over the years. Contact unison@ucl.ac.uk or call 24888, 020 7679 4888 external for more information.

The TUC has published a 34 page booklet entitled Coping with the Economic Downturn: a practical guide for working people and their families in conjuction with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Some of the online resources it lists are:




for what benefits and assistance you are entitled to.


to whom you can apply to for insulation and other energy-efficient improvements to your home.

British Gas and EDF Energy customers may be able to get a grant to pay off fuel debts:



 Coping with debt:





For housing debt advice:


General information on mortgages:


If you would prefer to save with a credit union rather than a bank:



For more information about work issues in general:


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