Young Members Page

Young people join trade unions. 70 000 of them joined UNISON. Why? Because it a great union for providing a range of information, advice, support, training, and networking opportunities to them. Do you need a reason to join?

How about: because you want to make a difference; because you’ve got something to say; because you want to develop your skills and knowledge.

Listen to this:

“No-one is born with the confidence and abilities to be a representative, organiser, or leader. Banging the table and shouting at a manager is not how things are done these days. It’s much more about problem-solving and working with people.”

A young UNISON member said that.

UNISON wants young members to play a full part in union activities. You could become a Young Person’s Officer and a member of the Branch Committee but there are all sorts of ways you can be involved at all levels of the union.

UNISON have published a document called Young workers – your wages, your rights which tells you a lot about what you are entitled to from your employer and it also publishes a regular newsletter especially for young members called The Next Generation.

UNISON’s membership is made up of individuals from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Every one of them is entitled to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. That goes for young members too.

If you’re under 27 years of age then you can get involved as a young member of UNISON and form a Young Members Group to look after your own special interests. E-mail UCL Branch at un



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